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Daniel Puzny

Daniel Puzny, who is not only an accomplished professional with over 30 years of experience in growing revenue across various industries but also the co-founder of nuREAL. nuREAL is a cutting-edge metaverse and virtual reality platform that revolutionises the way content is consumed. With Daniel's leadership and expertise, nuREAL uses cutting-edge virtual production techniques to deliver storytelling in an inspiring and revolutionary way. 


Daniel is an MBA graduate of 2015 and recently completed his Master of Laws in 2022. He 

was also a Learning Facilitator for the Blockchain course for MIT Sloan University, where he shared his knowledge and expertise on Blockchain Regulations and Disruption. 


Since 2015, Daniel has been heavily focused on Blockchain Design and Development, Digital Strategy and Transformation, Cryptocurrency, Fundraising Strategy, Training, and Coaching with International Blockchain Labs. He is a highly sought-after public speaker on Blockchain Regulations and Disruption for which he also advices major cryptocurrency exchanges

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