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Dr Christina Maher
PhD AI & Neuroimaging
The University of Sydney

Dr Christina Maher is a biomedical engineer and neuroscientist on a mission to improve the quality of life for individuals living with chronic conditions.  She is building AI tools for precise, personalised disease prediction, diagnosis and treatment.

Having grown up in a low socioeconomic environment, Christina’s experiences with the healthcare system sparked her journey to improve patient care.  She is passionate about bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise to create translatable, bench-to-bedside research outcomes.

Christina completed her PhD in AI and neuroimaging in a multidisciplinary collaboration between the University of Sydney and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.  Her unique experience and insights stem from 10 years of leading and working with engineers, scientists, clinicians, and patients in the public and private sectors.

In 2022, Science and Technology Australia named Christina a Superstar of STEM.  Her work has been published in scientific journals, featured in the Daily Telegraph, and she has contributed several articles to the Conversation and appeared on local and international radio

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