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Dr Sophia Moscovis
Healthcare Transformation Consultant

Dr Sophia Moscovis is a scientist with a PhD in Immunology and Genetics, with over 20 years’ experience in healthcare in digital health, healthcare transformation, patient experience, digital transformation, business transformation, innovation, design thinking, go-to-market strategy, clinical trials, medical affairs, and academia. 


She has worked and collaborated with universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, digital health companies, advocacy groups, healthcare policy makers, guideline authors, medical experts and patients in many disease areas giving her unique insight into the Australian healthcare ecosystem and digital health landscape.


Sophia has recently been appointed as the Program Management, Risk and Strategy Director for Race Oncology, an ASX listed biotechnology company, and is an independent consultant for digital health organisations in their healthcare transformation and go-to-market strategy needs, and a digital health advocate and contributor for Forbes Australia having recently written articles on the future of healthcare. Prior to that, she was a Business Transformation lead at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, with a focus on digital health solutions.  


She is also mentoring Australian digital health start-ups and is also a founder of her own preventative health start up. Sophia is passionate about all things digital, innovation, transformation, change management, science, and healthcare, and ensuring people can receive the best quality treatment in a seamless and timely manner.

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