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Michelle Gallaher

Michelle Gallaher is an award-winning health technology entrepreneur, recognised
for her leadership in the Australian biotech sector. Commencing in allied health in
orthoptics (vision science), Michelle’s 25+ year career spans clinical and
administrative roles in public and private health, management, and executive roles
with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, national medical research initiatives,
and leading a state-based biotech peak-body. Michelle successfully established and
later sold her first company, The Social Science in 2014 into ShareRooot (ASX:SRO)
to then go on to found Opyl in 2019, commercialising an AI approach to improving
clinical trial efficiency.

Michelle is a non-executive director with Praxis Australia, Cancer Trials Australia and
Medtech Actuator and co-founder of not-for-profit advocacy organisation, Women in
STEMM Australia.

Michelle is a Victorian Honour Roll for Women inductee, Victorian Telstra
Businesswoman and Entrepreneur of the Year, and a winner of Westpac’s 200
Businesses of Tomorrow.

Michelle has an undergraduate degree in applied science, postgraduate
qualifications in business and product management, a Global Executive MBA, is a

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