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Samara Thorn
Engagement Manager

As the Engagement Manager at TMOS, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta

Optical Systems, Samara's role is to help researchers communicate their science and help

businesses understand how the new field of meta-optics will transform their industry and

where future opportunities for growth lie. 


With close to 15 years' experience in public relations and marketing, her greatest

strength is understanding audiences, what motivates them, what information they need to

help them reach their goals. She specializes in taking complex scientific research and

identifying who might benefit from it and how the information should be communicated, drawing on her time teaching primary and high school science including senior physics.

As a Clifton Strengths-trained coach, she works one-on-one with creatives, physicists,

and engineers to help them develop and optimise their processes, which might seem like

an odd grouping but draws on the common creativity and problem-solving aspects of their

crafts. She also works with organisations to implement a strengths-based approach to

their operations.


She has an undergraduate degree in creative writing and post-graduation degrees in

education and science. In her spare time, she is an award-winning novelist and leverages

this ability to tell a cracking good story in her professional communications.

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