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Stephen Rodan
Beyond Coral Foundation
United States/Australia

Stephen Rodan is an emerging leader in science, technology, and engineering. He is a NASA JPL engineer and a mechanical engineering and nuclear physics graduate from MIT (class of 2016).  Alongside his academic pursuits, Stephen is an internationally recognised Burning Man sculpture artist, the president of the international non-profit organisation Beyond Coral Foundation, star sidekick on the Netflix TV Show Byron Baes, and the inventor of the acclaimed coral farming robot called CHARM (Coral Husbandry Automated Raceway Machine).  Stephen's problem-solving approaches are multidisciplinary, drawing inspiration from his artistic side and executing with technical expertise. He excels in both hard and soft skills, making him a versatile professional in various settings such as construction, laboratory, legal, board-room, ballroom, and field environments.


Stephen's mission objective is to work on the cutting edge of technology and seize business opportunities that advance the Fourth Industrial Revolution. His goal is to fundamentally transform transportation, communication, food, water, and energy systems while incorporating the latest advancements in science, technology, engineering, and storytelling into sustainable development, anthropological exploration, and environmental restoration.  His skill set encompasses a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.  Stephen has gained professional experience and established networks in robotics, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, R&D, art, agriculture, finance, marketing, IoT, urban development, indigenous engagement, and environmental stewardship.


As a dual citizen of the United States and Australia, fluent in both English and Spanish, Stephen possesses the ability to connect government agencies, research institutions, for-profit corporations, NGOs, and stakeholders worldwide.  This enables him to initiate impactful projects in the Pacific, Atlantic, European, and Caribbean regions.  Collaborating with scientists, engineers, developers, artists, managers, explorers, educators, spiritual leaders, and indigenous populations, Stephen excels in communicating effectively to diverse audiences and ensuring the successful completion of projects.


Stephen defines success as working with a diverse and intercultural team to create tangible achievements that leave a lasting impact. His aim is to empower those around him with the necessary tools, technologies, networks, and expertise to efficiently accomplish complex tasks. He is motivated by his vision of establishing a new global corporate culture that values environmental sustainability and social stewardship on par with profitability. In the face of the 6th Mass Extinction, Stephen recognizes the urgency to rapidly invent and integrate new and existing technologies to restore life on Earth.

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